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Jalaj Kumar
Very high quality products and innovative packaging… I have tried Guericlear and this work fantastically… I am very relieved from my early symptoms of Dry eye.

Thanks Guerison for making such wonderful products.

Dharmendra Yadav
Company profile is ethical,
1st time in India Only Guerison launched pyramid shape packing of Eye drops,That indicates the positive sign in terms of value and it’s response.
“Absolutely distinct packing ”
Quick action in results,,
Jugnu Pal
I have used Guerifresh gel for my dry eye and got relief from dry eye symptoms, product quality is very good and wonderful, Brand packing very unique and price of Friendly.
Alisha Bhatia
I tried plenty of Eye drops but I Never felt cool before but this eye drop is amazing…….
Maira Sharma
Really good product it keeps your eye cool. It helps relieve dryness.
Manish Singh
I have problem of dry eye. I met the doctor and the doctor prescribed me gericlear and I would use it 4 to 5 times a day. I am feeling good now. I want to say thank you to the doctor for prescribing me gericlear eye drops.
Santosh Nishad
Guerison Immunity booster is really amazing. I am using Immunity booster tablets from the last 4 months. I am feeling fresh and healthy now. Thanku Guerison..
Santosh Kr. Mishra
I have used guericlear for my dry eye, i got relief from dry eye symptoms in few minutes it does not take long as other brands take longer time, Hence the quality of the product is wonderful , unique packaging & price friendly

I am working here for last one month, the culture, environment of company is wonderful, the team of Guerison is unique, in every manner helpful, good guidence & Remuneration on time & along with incentive

Mukesh Bilwal
I have used their product for my dry eye and got relief. product quality is very good. Thankyou
Rajeev Gupta
I am using gueri fresh from the last 2 month. This is amazing eye drops. Thanku guerison India.
Romi Malik
‘Gueri’son, name itself ‘cured’ enough to heal. Unique match product having magic inside. Highly recommending ‘Guerifresh Gel’
Mr_Basit Javed (Mr-Experts)
I have dry eye problem. someone refer me this brand. Now I am using it is so good☺️
Rizwan Khurana
Guerifresh fastest action reduce burning and irritation.and gueri eye mox uses it prevents the bacterial conjunctiviti
Both are very excellent
So please use It ..then you will know the result
Naira Singh
I have been suffering with dry eyes. I am happy to have an guerison eyedrop to use. Will order again☺️
Karan Kapoor
Guerison eye drops cool irritating and itchy eyes.. feeling good after use