Guerison forays into India’s ophthalmology market

Guerison, a global pharmaceutical company having a surgical business in Dubai, is setting its footprints in India’s ophthalmology market with the highest ethics, top development, and utmost safety standards.

Guerison provides a range of allopathic medicines, including OPD and OT items, antioxidant multivitamin tablets, dry eye supplements, and a complete range of eye drops to treat various corneal and retinal problems.

The company is also excited to introduce “Gueriherb”- an immunity pill. Gueriherb is 100 per cent herbal, an immunity booster made from premium raw materials and has no side effects. This unique ayurveda research product has magical effects that develop gradually over time. Their manufacturing facility is fully compliant with top-notch technology and has obtained accreditation from the WHO-GMP and ISO, as well as several other countries across the world. The company is quickly building a presence in the Indian ophthalmology market and claims to create new and innovative product ranges that meet the needs of doctors, surgeons, and patients.

Chaandan Munjaal, CEO – Guerison India, stated, “To meet the market’s present and future needs, we are among the first to be using the priciest, high quality raw materials, top-level infection proof gamma radiated vials, packed in the first of its kind, most distinctive pyramid mono carton packing, as our sacred code. Guerison India is dedicated to achieving medical surprises that improve people’s lives and accelerate technological advancements that make every day just a little better. Guerison uses research to advance an agenda and ensures that patients, who will ultimately profit from their work—have access to the best wellness treatments available worldwide. Guerison is rapidly increasing its dealer network by introducing the most trustworthy people following careful screening.”

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